Artificial Intelligence for preparing job interviews

Artificial Intelligence for preparing job interviews. Google allows preparing job interviews with Artificial Intelligence.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, job candidates will be able to improve in the future the way in which they face the always complicated task of the personal interview, key on most the occasions to get or not a job.

Interview Warmup allows candidates to improve the way they approach a job interview by prompting them with words to delete or asking them to expand on their explanations.

In this regard, Google has created an Artificial Intelligence, which it has named Interview Warmup, that is able to formulate questions and analyze the answers. It not only allows to practice a job interview but also provides feedback on the process that allows the candidate to improve his performance. Google has named this artificial intelligence

By analyzing the answers, it is able to detect phrases or words that should not be used, as well as being able to request further information on any point.

Interview Warmup is currently aimed at technology sectors such as information technology, project management, data analysis, online sales, and marketing. Before starting, you are asked to specify the area of the job interview in order to adjust the conversation, which will focus on three levels: technical, situational, and user background.

The latter deals with the candidate’s career, while the first two examine his or her knowledge and skills, as well as the way in which he or she has been able to successfully deal with various stressful situations in the past.

For the moment, this new Google artificial intelligence is only available in the United States, although it could be available in other countries in the future. It is free to use and is accessible from web browsers as well as through iOS and Android mobile devices.

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