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i-PRO announces the launch of its new i-PRO mini-network camera. With its pocket-sized form factor and complementary AI-enabled analytics capabilities, it represents the next generation of smaller, unobtrusive smart cameras that not only offer protection for retail and other businesses but also provide operational and business intelligence, in line with the strategy of integrating artificial intelligence into the security industry.

Although the i-PRO mini is exceptionally small, powerful artificial intelligence processing at the edge enables it to quickly process large amounts of data, with up to three AI analytics applications running simultaneously.

AI-based object detection enables enhanced surveillance and reduces false positives, as well as provides valuable operations and marketing intelligence.

Free AI-based analytics include person detection with unique attributes such as color, upper/lower clothing, face detection, and non-mask detection.

The camera also supports occupancy monitoring/counting and AI Privacy Guard, which pixelates people’s faces or entire bodies to ensure GDPR compliance.

Working with the mini camera

In line with i-PRO’s open AI strategy, the software development kit (SDK) enables the integration of specialized third-party applications, giving access to a wide range of processes and automation applications, such as monitoring inventory status on product shelves.

i-PRO mini, camera with artificial intelligence

At about 10 cm wide, 5 cm high, and only 2 cm deep, the i-PRO mini is a smart camera with very practical size and is designed specifically for applications where a camera with artificial intelligence analytics is needed, but should not stand out in a sleek and clean environment.

The i-PRO mini’s 2 Mpx, 30 fps, NDAA-compliant sensor delivers clear and accurate images thanks to the powerful embedded AI Ambarella processor and sets a new standard for an AI-based smart sensor that is nearly invisible in most environments.

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