Artificial intelligence, a key tool for job search

Artificial intelligence is a key tool for job search. This type of methodology, implemented by Jobs301, offers specific profiles to candidates and lowers selection costs for companies.

The search for talent is an essential part of a company, although it is not usually a quick and easy process. The technology boom has increased the number of offers of digital profiles, both junior and senior: a wide range of possibilities that must be optimized to not slow down the recruitment process. The tool that is postulated as the key to improving these job searches is artificial intelligence, which makes it possible to make processes cheaper and offer specific profiles based on data collection. One of the companies working with this type of methodology is Jobs301, a digital platform that has managed to reduce by 30% the average time of the selection process for the most technological jobs, which are around 30 days. “We use artificial intelligence through a ‘machine learning’ model that, together with a combination of algorithms with more than 150 different variables, offers professionals only those offers that fit their professional knowledge and personal and cultural requirements,” says Guillermo Vallejo, co-founder of this firm born in December 2019 and launched in April 2021.

The objective of this platform, which emerged from the hand of three entrepreneurs (Borja Henríquez de Luna, Jesús Luna Gómez and Guillermo Vallejo) is very clear: to place the candidate at the center of the process. There is no need to search, analyze and register for each offer, since only the jobs that fit their profile and needs are shown. With this information, the candidate will know in advance the conditions of the offers before applying and a “clear and delimited” process is established over time.

Currently, the job search platform has 5,000 registered candidates from the ICT sector, segmented by more than 100 different criteria. “Digital talent is currently in high demand, mainly due to the technological acceleration process that companies and organizations in all sectors are undergoing,” Vallejo points out, and indicates that market data shows that 32% of the positions in demand in 2021 in Spain belong to the technology sector. “The problem is that there is more demand from companies than supply of talent, which ends up generating a high turnover rate in this type of jobs.”

The technology sector occupies 32% of the most demanded profiles in Spanish companiesThe platform’s objective is to place the candidate at the center of the process, with personalized offers.
The most demanded profiles are junior and senior developers, ‘frontend’, ‘backend’, ‘full stack’, ‘data scientists’, ‘blockchain developers’ or ‘growth hackers’, among others. “It is estimated that, to be competitive, Europe needs to incorporate 1.5 million developers and maintain a growth rate of 11% until 2030.”

In addition to offering specific jobs to candidates, the platform allows the company to know in advance the degree of suitability of the candidate’s skills and experience for the position in question, as comprehensive parameterization allows measuring knowledge in technologies. At the same time, the company can also find out the person’s predisposition to the company’s value proposition (salary conditions, incentive program, mobility and telecommuting policy or work-life balance). “This ensures the success of the hiring process, so that both employee and company can be sure that they fit each other’s offerings, business culture and psychological profile,” Vallejo points out.

Since its launch last year, the platform has managed to fill more than 350 vacancies with highly specialized candidates from the ICT sector. To boost the growth of its ecosystem of professionals and companies, Jobs301 has launched a new affiliate campaign, as the co-founder explains. “Jobs301’s technology makes it possible to automate the most tedious parts of the process, allowing recruiters to focus on the highest-value work and improving the candidate experience.”

Overall, the platform’s study has determined that this new AI-powered recruiting model offers savings in the average cost of a process of up to 25%, they claimed.

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