2021, the year of artificial intelligence

2021 is the year of Artificial Intelligence. Also, the advancement of other technologies will play a key role throughout the year. Pandemic and confinement have turned the world towards digitization.

After a period of major AI breakthroughs in areas such as e-commerce, digital marketing, as well as prototyping, and proof-of-concept development, this year we will see many advances in applications common to any consumer.

Among the new developments we will see are: augmented reality, conversational interfaces, hybrid cloud, and real time enterprises.

Artificial Intelligence and other technologies for 2021

In addition to Artificial Intelligence, the progress of other technologies during 2021:

The boom of augmented reality and “mixed reality”: now the devices are advancing with giant steps and many of them aimed at improving hardware capabilities that would allow a precision hitherto unseen: stereo cameras or even LIDAR incorporated in the newest devices of major manufacturers this same year are going to make a big difference. The device will be able to know in a much more faithful way the real world on which to do ‘its magic’: precise measurements of elements, three-dimensional mapping of rooms, or even complete interiors are possible with the information that can be obtained from these hardware improvements, without losing sight of all possibilities related to socialization that would provide us with a possible window to the world to be closer to our loved ones in this complicated situation.

A new era in conversational interfaces: thanks to the experience gained and the advances in natural language processing that have occurred in the last two years, this technology may represent a before and after in this technology, which could enable the creation of these complex conversational interfaces in a much simpler way.

Hybrid cloud as a commodity: improvements in multi-cloud and cloud-hybrid technologies are eliminating complexities and unifying management, maintenance, and even the production of services on different clouds in an almost transparent way. For this reason, 2021 looks set to be the year in which this technology starts to become “commoditized”, ceasing to be something complex or exceptional and becoming part of the normal way of working, in the same way as happened a few years ago with the cloud.

The rise of real-time companies: many companies are already moving aggressively to migrate their information processing systems in programmed batches, towards real-time information environments that provide insights and knowledge in a much more agile way, providing them with greater capacity and speed that will allow them to pivot. And 2021 will mark the consolidation of this trend.

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